Here we are, day number two and I have done 50 facts about me, lets see if we can name 21 more about me, and if some are the same as the 50, I apologize because I am not a very complex person!

  1. My name was going to be Aurele Joliat, my dad suggested it and my mom loved it until someone told her that it was the name of a former Montreal Canadien player from 1922 to 1937. They called him the Mighty Atom or the Little Giant, and honestly as much as I love my name, with my history in Hockey I would have loved to have that as my name! I am half way convinced that my husband will let me name baby #3 that, if and when we decide to have another.
  2. I was born on an Important Day in Hockey History for my City, and when we had to do that “what was the headline the day you were born” thing… It was my turn to present what I found, the boys in my class were less than impressed with me and I grew up believing I was bad Juju for the Edmonton Oilers until I realized that they still won 2 more cups since I was born. Just because I was born the day they traded Gretzky doesn’t mean anything.
  3. One of my very best and closest friends of about 12 years, that I talk to almost daily, I have not seen her in person for almost 8 of those years. She has been all over the world and then moved a few to many provinces away. She shares her adventures and I share how my kids are doing and then we talk about Marianas Trench and our love of the Men of Marvel and the many Many MANY books we read between us.
  4. I believe in ghosts and do believe that my husband and I once lived in a haunted house at one point, we would hear people talking in our vents, and there would be creepy music box music playing from time to time through the vents as well. We lived in a single detached house!
  5. I have the STRANGEST taste in music, I mean I like it all! I have a playlist right now on my Spotify that had AFI, Aiden, Marianas Trench, Post Malone. Stompin’ Tom Connors. The Rankin Family, The Barenaked Ladies, Hawthorne Heights, Bayside, and Good Charlotte. I also love country music and grew up on Merle Haggard, George Jones and Loretta Lynn.
  6. Speaking of Loretta Lynn one of my most favorite movies is Coal Miner’s Daughter starring Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones. My mom got me on that one and I love it and cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to watch it with me.
  7. I prefer Coke over Pepsi 110% of the time!
  8. My first office job was doing data entry for a payroll and HR department, and I loved it so much, and was fast and accurate that I ended up working with them as well as AP and AR. Then the main Finance manager got me to cost all credit cards as well. and because of the 5 years of experience I got there in all those departments I have found great work with growth today.
  9. I only knew how to interact with boys until I was about 6, when I got my first friends that were girls in school. That could explain why I hate doing my hair, and makeup or wearing dresses all together.
  10. My favorite Ice Cream is Cookie Dough by Ben and Jerry. I will not have a substitute from anywhere else!
  11. I have been trying to write a book for over 8 years. I have a few good story lines in my head just unsure of how to bring them to life. I started one and have 3 to 4 chapters done, just not sure if they will go the direction I want them too.
  12. I have a strange love affair with Office Supplies, like pens, peciles, post it notes, and coil notebooks. It drives my husband insane but my kids love it. No shortage if things to draw with and draw on that wont get mommy mad. 🙂
  13. I have very little patience for people who just sit there expect the world to feel bad for them for the cards they CHOSE to play in life. I am sorry, but you did choose this and it didn’t turn out how you wanted? Man up, put your big kid panties on and change your luck! Dreams are 10% dreaming and 90% doing!
  14. My favorite time of the day is my hour drive to and from work, because I will have MY MUSIC cranked and I will put on a personal rock show for anyone who chooses to watch while we are stuck at a light, stop sign or just in traffic. I don’t care, I know I cannot sing a lick but I will always have fun doing what I can in the comfort of my own car!|
  15. I know how to cook a turkey dinner all the sides all on my own! Have I done this? Why yes I did on December 27th for my husband! He was very thankful for the whole thing, I still have pretty much a half froze bird in my freezer and will be making soups, broth and turkey tacos with it all!
  16. My favorite song that I will always sing and never ever get tired of is The Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers! My dad used to sing it to me, and actually funny story, they just recently released Part 2 to that song, 40 odd years later, called the Narwal song!
  17. I like the 50 shades of Grey movies, not overly, but I will watch them when they are on TV, and mainly because Jamie Dorian is Sex on legs!
  18. I failed Math so bad in school and I hated it, yet I make my living doing math both via computer as well as in my head and with pad and pen! I am pretty good at it, my parents think its because its being given a purpose whereas in school they just tell you it will serve a purpose but you never see that bigger picture at the time. I have to be good and accurate because I work with people’s paychecks and you need to make sure that shizz is always on the up and up.
  20. I am a couponer, not to the extreme levels because in Canada our rules are much more strict. We can get some things for free but we dont have double up coupons or points with the use of coupons type thing,
  21. The final random fact about it… I stange love for Tom Hiddleston. I find him fascinating to look at, he is attractive in any which way, talented on stage (I assume) and screen. I joke with my husband that given the chance I would leave him for Tom Hiddleston, and I made a joke when my son was about 2 that he was really my baby daddy, and to this day my son will point and tell people that, that is his real daddy. *face palm* I do not stock him online, I don’t know who is dating or where he lives, hell I don’t know his birthday like some fans do. But if he was to be right in front of me, I would forget my name, drool and look like I am having a stroke. See, strange love, but don’t doubt that given the chance I would climb that man like a spider monkey!!

There you have it 21 random facts about me Ashton…. Some you didn’t want to know. Some you didn’t need to know, but now don’t you feel a bit closer to me now?

Till next time!!
-Ashton <3