This is going to be a hard one for me, mainly because most of my memories of my childhood are diluted with stories my family has told me over the years. I do have slight recollections of some of these events….

Memory/Story One:
I was a suck kid, I had a soother, and I was 2 and would stash them around the house so when mom was starting to take them away I had more stashed away could use as I saw fit. Well we went to visit my uncle wiener, and nope I am not making up his name that is what we called him and still call him to this day 28 years later! Well, he thought I was to old for my sucks and decided to take all the ones I had and flush it down the toilet. It is fuzzy on how I reacted and mom and dad never really tell me much about the reaction I had, I am going to assume it wasn’t a good reaction. But I guess that was all it took to break me of my suck habit, now my dad wants to try it with my daughter and honestly, I love their relationship to much to have my dad ruin it by flushing her suck, because I know my daughter and even at 2 she can hold one heck of a grudge.

Memory/Story Two
I had to have been over one about 1.5 years old, we were having dinner at some restaurant, my parents, my grandparents and I. My grandpa and I have always been close, to this day we are still close, so I was sitting beside him and he was picking on me, as he always does. But I guess I was in a bad mood or something, because I stood up on a chair and yelled as loud as my little voice would let me, “Grandpa, you’re starting to piss me off!”, and everytime I head that story now, I know exactly where my daughter gets her dramatic side, there is no doubt on that.

Well Another Day down, Sorry they aren’t super long, I am just trying to train myself to get back into this blogging awesomeness.

Thanks for reading!
-Ashton <3