My guilty pleasures range from topic to topic, I guess I can list most of the ones I have.

I love reading those sappy teen books like Rachel Hawthorne and the likes of her. I have discovered the older versions that have the adult naughtiness in them and I Love them more (Re: December Favorites Post), but from time to time I will but out my copy of “A Year in Europe” and relax.

Stompin Tom Connors and the Rankin family! Hands down, they are so out of the realm of what anyone, aside from my parents, listens to and when I am alone I will blast them in the car and just remember to when I was younger having music jam sessions in the kitchen with my dad and brother.

My guilty pleasure food that I don’t have as often as I want, mainly because it’s not the healthiest of choices, but when I am left to my own devices for dinner (Which is not often with a 2 year old bottomless pit a 4 year old picky eater and a husband who is an annoying mixture of the 2) But I like to cut up some bacon fry it up in a pan, toss in some frozen hashbrowns cook that up, make a quick package of hollandaise sauce, poach 2 or 3 eggs (depends on how much I ate that day already) and then plate the hashbrowns, then the eggs grate a small amount of cheese then coat with some hollandaise. So great, so good, and So bad for you!

Thanks for reading!!
-Ashton <3