The three traits that I am proud of are:
1. Nerdiness
2. Determined
3. Slackishness


I am a nerd for many things and those things make me who I am and I have random knowledge that means nothing until it is needed. I love Music and know random songs most people dont as well as random facts. I love any and all things Harry Potter, I still like playing Pokemon and teaching my kids about it. I love bored games and card games, as well as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Comics. I also have gotten into reading Hockey books, and Mom Book about Hockey, as well as spreading my love of the Edmonton Oiler.


When I put my mind to something I can work at it very hard and try and get the best solution I can. I am organized on paper with my paper, but the rest of my life is a bit messier. I have proven that I can get things done time and time again because I want them done.


To Go along with being determined when I have worked hard for days on end and gotten the result that I wanted…. I will slack off for a bit. I know when to take a break and have fun when I can too.

Thanks for reading!
-Ashton <3