Here we go, my top 10 favorite foods!

  1. Poutine – Typical Canadian food I know, and it may seem simple but it can easily be messed up, you need the right cheese to make it work just right!
  2. Chicken Burgers- I have never been an overly fond of burgers but I do love some chicken burger
  3. Yakisoba Chicken and Beef on Noodles From EDO – If I could eat this everyday all day I would.
  4. Steak with Mashed Potatoes sauteed mushrooms and pan fried green beans – But Only If I make this. I do not trust many people to cook my steak right.
  5. Bings Special Fried Noodles- Bings is a chinese food restaurant in my hometown and even when I was living over an hour away sometimes my cravings would be so strong that I would do the drive just to get Special Fried Noodles!
  6. Wor Wonton Soup with Green Onion Cakes- Another awesome Chinese food meal, this is my go to to any new place we go to.
  7. Chili- I am beginning to notice I don’t like many healthy foods, but my moms homemade chilli is the best out there!!
  8. Chicken Caesar Salad – Here is something that is healthier than my top 7 list.
  9. My Poached egg concoction – On my random liste about me I have made something that I love and makes me happy but it is so UNHEALTHY.
  10. Gnocchi- I will eat this with pasta sauce, cheese, or even just fried with a bit of Butter.

What is your Favorite food?
-Ashton <3