Sorry, this one is a bit late, I am still trying to work ahead and get these out there, but I had a busy night last night and a hectic morning. But here we are, pictures of me and small blurbs about them!

This is me at 2 years old. I See a lot of my sassy little girl in me because of this picture. But both of my kids look a lot more like their father than they do me.
This is me and mt Pa! He passed away in 2003, and we were never close because we lived so far away but I have many happy memories about him. My Dad and him look so much alike it makes me smile.
I was 17 or 18 here, my friends and I are having dinner before a concert, judging by my sweater and the T shirt of my friend I believe we are going yet another Marianas Trench Show.
I am 14 here, at my Uncle and aunts wedding, I was a bridesmaid and the first time I was allowed to bring a date to a family event. He was my first boyfriend and my first kiss.
I have no idea why I am doing that face… let alone doing it in a public setting and letting my friends take a picture of it….
Social Code, in my PJS… Yup, I went to a concert in my PJs. To be fair it was an early morning show, in a movie theater and we got to watch people also play guitar hero on a jumbo theater screen.
We are at the Junos in Calgary, it was the Juno Cup where musicians play against NHLers, either current or retired. Any way we met up with a few people but here I am making a fool out of myself with Tyler Connolly from Theory Of A Deadman (TOAD) with a bright green illScarlet sticker on my forehead. HE was a nice guy gave me an odd look because of the sticker but that was about it.
Same Juno Weekend went to a group autograph signing and got to meet Johnny Reid, he is the sweetest guy ever, so nice and smelt AMAZING. That I remember 12 years later lol
In front of Hanson Tour Bus… Never went to the show, didnt even know they were playing, my friend and I were at the Mall when we walked by the club they were playing at and heard ‘Mmmbop” and looked it up.
My Grade 9 picture, I remember that shirt and I loved it so much and the small choker I made, I think I am gonna make another one, they are easy and fun to make.
My High School Grad picture! in June it will be 13 years! A lot has happened in that time. 🙂
My mom snapped this picture of me playing on the computer instead of getting ready to go to Prom. I rose into Prom with one group of friends, and left with another group and ended up camping in the country.
Me sitting down on the bar floor at a Tupelo Honey Show. This is one of my favorite picture of myself and I strive to be that weight again. I am about 75lbs from that goal.
I took this picture of myself outside a club we were going to see Marianas Trench Play at. Shortly after this picture was taken Josh the lead singer came out and something fell on my leg and there was a leg groping incident that still makes my friends and I giggle to this day
Josh and I at another show 2 days after the previous picture was taken….. Actually I can say this is the only picture I have with him and I have seen them 22 times in concert and talked to them and hung out with them afterwards quite a few times.
18 years old… Drunk antics at a park… after dark
Going to end this with a picture of my very first snuggle with my son. he is 4 days old. He is now 4 years old and one of my greatest joys.

Thanks for checking this out and we will see you tomorrow!
-Ashton <3