Here we are Day 3, already doing better than I thought I was going to do!

The meaning behind my Blog name is very Simple, I started blogging right after my son was born 16 weeks early. The nurse in the NICU said welcome to the Preemie family. That stuck with me, we were in the NICU for 157 day and 33 more days in the children’s hospital. During that time I made close and fast friend with 3 other moms our Social worker and a fwe nurses.

We became a special family that understood with no shadow of a doubt what we were all going though, we supported each other, leaned on each other and were there to sound off on. I am still close to many of these people and talk to them almost daily.

We are a family, and because of that I started my blog as an extension of that to be someone for moms and families going through what we did, but it grew to be more about being a mom, a wife, a working woman and everything that came with it. But the name holds true to my roots of why I started it,


-Ashton <3