Morning Everyone, and welcome to 2019!

I thought I should start this year off with a slight challenge for myself and do a writing challenge for the next 31 days. This is the introduction to it and day #1!

I slacked off last year as I tried to balance life and working after being a stay at home mom for almost 3 years. Then I went from SAHM to single working mom for a while as my husband was away at work and I was left to figure out how to manage kids, housework and feeding everyone while working a 10 hour day with a 1 hour commute each way. I know it seems like I am making excuses for my bad blogging but I am hoping this year I can work on everything. I do like writing and reading and blogging a lot, but I also am going to put my family and myself first.

I hope you all like what I am going to be posting over the next few weeks as well as what I have posted over the last 2 days of December. Drop me a line or a comment or share how insane I am to your friends and family, talk to you all very soon.

-Ashton <3