I have been doing this for 5 years, and it started as one thing and just grew and morphed along with the many different twists and turns in my life. To come here, where I am slowly finding my way in this blogging world, and it’s never been about money or anything like that for me, although I will never turn down a chance to work with companies or endorse products I believe in. The reason I started doing this was to help myself cope with an impossible situation that was thrust into my life. But looking around that NICU and seeing all those other mothers and families going through similar, or harder situations that I was at the time, I was writing down everything in a notebook and worked at it for myself to look at later on down the road. But I spoke to a friend who suggested putting it out there online and working hard at making my words known and put there to help another family know they weren’t as alone as they felt.

It also means my little miracle surprise is turning 5, and I cannot believe what he has grown up to be, who he is becoming as a person. My life has changed in so many ways in the past 5 years, from job changed, moving, family loss, family growing, but there is still so much love an support to go around.

This Blog has seen changes, it has seen frequent posts and not so frequent posts, but I want to put things out there that I am proud of and want to share with the world, and when you are trying to balance life, work and kids things fall to the wayside. I know I have touched on starting a youTube channel in the past and that is still a possibility, but I am not sure its in the cards yet, I have also looked into Podcasts, there are many things I want to do and try and grow and expand this, but when I cannot even get time out there to post on here what hope do I have for any of those other projects to work and win. At least with blogging you don’t know how many breaks I take, where I am when I am working on this. (Mainly at work on my lunch or down time), and you definitely don’t get to hear the wild zoo that I live in, hearing them yell and fight, me yell and pop a few bottles of wine and all the chaos that comes in my house hold.

What I am trying to say, here is to 5 years of this blogging adventure, It’s not where I thought I would be, it’s not what I thought it would be, and I can’t tell you with certainty where it will be going in the future, because like my life this will be ever changing and I hope you can be there for the ride.

Lots of Love
-Ashton <3