About Us

Hey There Everyone! I am Ashton, Cruise Director For This Crazy Adventure We Call Life!

This is a small intro on who you will be reading about in this fun little Happy Place we call Our Preemie Family, and what I write about here.


I am a Mommy Blogger through and through, I am going to write about my family, our adventures, Pinterest attempts, my thoughts on things, reviews on other things, kid, Family and sometimes Food related. I will also post about Preemie things.

I also have a Book Club started!! Mommies Book Club, original title I know, but the point of it is to have us mommies reclaim “Us Time” even if its only 2 hours in a whole week, it something where we don’t have to deal with husbands, wives, kids or other family members and just read a nice book. We meet up on my Facebook page at the end of the month and talk about the book, what we liked, what we didn’t like. And I will announce the next book and post it on the Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.


This is my Husband and I on our Wedding Day. Now I could have put one of our fancy, well posed, airbrished, made us look like a ‘perfect’ couple pictures. But, that would be a lie! We are not a perfect couple, we are odd, nerdy, and march to the beat of our own drummers. We met online in 2011, had our first date in 2012, got married in 2013, had our first baby boy in 2014, and our second baby girl in 2016. We also have one fur baby that I got in 2011 before we met and started talking, but you will meet him further down the page. I am currently a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), and Hubby works out of town 21 days in a month at a camp job that wasn’t his first choice, but does it because he wants the best for his kids and our family.


This is Spud, Spuddy or Captain Pooter. He will be 3 in June, he is the reason why we are a Preemie Family. He was born at 24 weeks and 2 days gestation, we spent 157 days in the NICU, and 33 more in the Children’s Hospital. He is now a happy healthy little man, you cant even tell what he went through at the start of his life! He loves to learn colors, shapes, and numbers, he also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. He also has a blanket, his Wuby, that follows him everywhere.



This innocent looking little imp, my Princess Tally, Tally Poots or Pootress. She is currently 19 months and will be Two in July, she loves her brother, mommy, daddy walk abouts, PJ masks and Doc McStuffins. She is discovering all sorts of new things, and not sleeping in the process! Life is fun as a toddler, destroying anything and everything her big brother has built and laughing as he get so mad. Has a newfound love for clothes, shoes and anything pretty.


Bijoux Beebee Belieber, and no… I did not name him, I made the mistake of allowing my niece to name him. We just call him Bijoux, Shithead, or Fussy Butt. He is the epic fat lazy cat, doing nothing but eating, drinking, sleeping, but the fastest he moves is when the kids start going in his direction, he runs, and he runs fast to a safe place, namely our room, or the laundry room.

That is our happy Preemie Family, and what we are about here. I hope you Enjoy and keep reading.