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Here we are in 2019, and what a way to start off the new year into looking back at what made us happy this past while! Well I am going to share the things that I enjoyed over the month of December and not all of them are wine. Because let’s face it, all that extended family time can be trying and tiring, and if you are like me and he 2 toddlers that got spoiled like nobody’s business, you are ready to toss some toys into the trash!! and it hasn’t even been a full week of them in your house yet.

My first favorite of December is: Wine!!

More specifically Barefoot Pink Moscato, and I did say that not ALL my favorite would be wine but that doesn’t mean one of them cannot be. I am cheap when it comes to my wine and I like a good white or rose for wine, but Barefoot was on sale for 7 bucks a bottle at my local Sobeys liquor store and I knew I had 4 christmas dinners coming up with a lot of people and the wine would help take the edge off. Now don’t get me wrong I love my family and love seeing them, but when they are spoiling my kids or seeing my kids in this overstimulated Asshole like behaviour and looking at me with the judgment, just makes you feel so good about your parent skills, this cheap wine that goes down like grape juice will have you have a wicked case of the ‘Fuck Its’, and that will make the rest of the time together so much more fun and relaxing

My second favorite of December is: Piper Rayne

I have been reading A LOT these past few months and the author that has been with me the most this last while has been Piper Rayne. Well I should say AuthorS Piper and Rayne, I came across them by accident, I was looking up a book about a Boxer, but couldn’t remember the name of it (still can’t and still haven’t found it) and a book popped up called ‘Hooked on the Boxer’ and it was book 2 in a series, so I figured why not, and looking into it, there are 3 books and 1 small novella in the series called ‘Modern Love’ and I LOVE THEM! I was hooked, got all 3 books and read them in record fashion, which for me was insane because I used to be an avid reader but since I had kids sitting and reading is a thing of the past. I also love their “Single Dad’s Club’ Series, cause really Dad’s that do it all, that is sexy! Let alone the lumberjack they have on the cover of book 3! There is also the Blue Collar Brothers series which to me is sweet, sexy and just fun all around as I have friends who are firefighters, cops and Paramedics. I am reading currently reading the Bedroom Games series right now, and I really like it. All their ‘series’ can be read as a stand alone but the 3 stories do play into each other . I am also a part of the Piper Rayne Unicorns! You will get that when you read the Modern Love books. They have many more titles to explore and I highly recommend looking into them if you are looking for a fun sexy read while the kids are down and you are trying to pretend the legos aren’t all over your floor and the Dishes are starting to attract wildlife, NSFW, or when you have child who can read… My 4 year old is learning to read and knows a lot more than i gave him credit for when he was on my lap with his tablet and I was ready my book, he looked over and started reading out loud a very…. not age appropriate scene…. My husband is cracking up, because I can’t give him head for reading, so I had to praise him for knowing the words ‘Mount’ and ‘Moan’ and shockingly enough he knew the word ‘gyrating’…. Ya, can’t wait for that call from his school.

My third favorite of December is: Baths

I have rediscovered my love of a good long soak in the tub with my dirty… I mean mom porn… I mean books that I have been reading, a few scented candles and the kids yelling outside the door because you have locked them out to spend time with their father! Some days I will sneak in my snacks and treat into the bathroom, have a pop without little fingers asking for sme, Eat the ice cream or chocolate I have hidden not only from small children but the big one I call my husband as well. But it is a nice thing to go for yourself, get a bath bomb, put on a face mask and just relax and ignore everyone. The longest I can go is an hour when the kids and husband are home, mainly because we only have 1 bathroom and my husband seems to have to poop every hour like clockwork.
Baths are helping me reconnect with me, giving me my self care for that week, I can get 2 to 3 baths in a week it’s a GREAT week for everyone. Happy Mommy means everyone else is happy.

Well those are my top 3 favorites for this month, and they aren’t really objects perssay, they are things and activities everyone can achieve and get within many price points. SO DO IT! Start the New Year off with looking after yourself, and read a book (high Recommend Piper Rayne Books, easy and fun to read, sexy, sweet, makes you second guess your husband’s idea of a romantic gesture in some cases.)

Hope You All Have A Happy And Safe New Year!!

-Ashton <3

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11 thoughts on “December Favorites List”

  1. Tiffani says:

    Haha… love the wine part 🙌🏼 Yes, I have needed that this holiday season.

    1. ashtonmtaylor says:

      My son has started call in my Wine ‘Mommys Go Go juice’ and my husbands Beer ‘Daddy Pops’ because this holiday we have needed more than a little to deal with family. Once every 2 years we have 4 christmases in 4 different places over 3 to 4 days…. and this happened to be the year, and my son is 4 and trying out this defyant thing and my daughter is hitting the terrible twos like a brick to the face…. Wine is my friend ha ha

  2. Carlee says:

    Yes! Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy baths. I recently did a post on our DIY bath table, and it reinvigorated my love of baths! To sit and soak in the sometimes silence… if it’s late at night when the kids are in bed! Thanks for the post!

    1. ashtonmtaylor says:

      If I didn’t have such a funny tub I would love a bath Table! I would never leave and turn it into my office ha ha ha.

  3. Love that you mentioned Moscato, I absolutely love it too, so I’ll have to check out that specific kind! What a great way to be grateful, thanks for sharing your favourites!

    1. ashtonmtaylor says:

      Barefoot is cheap and really good, I struggled with wine for a long time because people I knew were big on red wines that I found dry and were hard to drink, whites and roses are softer fruitier and nicer to my palette.
      I like the favorites lists from other people because is gives a review on products, books, authors and places that I would have never seen or thought of. SO I am hoping to pass along some fun information to others!

  4. ‘Hooked on the Boxer’. I want to read it just because of the title lol. My fiance is a boxer and we actually met when he became my boxing coach!

    1. ashtonmtaylor says:

      It is a great read really, I like that whole Modern Love series, actually just re read it again, going to the Single Dad Club again too lol.
      Book one of the Modern Love series is actually free to download and that on is Charmed By the Bartender

  5. Denisha says:

    I love pink moscato and those relaxing baths feel like a trip to the spa after kids, right?

    1. ashtonmtaylor says:

      It is amazing! My husband has even let me take a few while he deals with the kids! Those to me feel better than the sneaky ones when the kids are in bed. Although I do have a few pictures of the kids sneaking in and crashing my alone time.

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