Welcome to the new and wonderful world of… well Me, and my family I guess.
I have done a little revamping of the place, made it less bright pink and purple and more grey white and black because those are my colours and pink and purple made me want to rip my eyes out….
I am a happy person, for the most part, but I am also just not a bright and colourful person, and since we are revamping out life here on the World Wide Web, why not throw some facts about me on there and see if they really do stay there forever, so here I go in honor of the new revamp, 50 facts about me in the shade grey!

  1. My Full Name is Ashton Taylor, and really dont look my name up on google images, well at least when the kids are around because I share a name with a Porn Star…. Yup… She has not had 2 kids, I can tell you that much.
  2. I am a Leo, which can account for a lot, including me making my mommy blog about me and maybe why I can be quite Bitchy most of the time.
  3. My top 3 fears are 1) Heights (morso falling but you get it) 2) Snakes, that is a hard NOPE and run away screaming and 3) Not being able to eat ice cream anymore… I dont really drink so I need something to remain sane, so please, dont take the ice cream!
  4. The Three things I love, My kids (even though they cause me to go greyer every day), My husband, He does laundry and dishes without being asked!, and all the men in the MCU…. They have gotten me through some tough days and made the dreams in the small amount of sleep I get very interesting
  5. My best friend is Mama Care-Bear, I will not use her real name on here, as she is bitchy like me and I dont wanna die today, I just want to sleep. She was a mom I met while in NICU, and we just clicked, 4 years later and she knows to much to trade her in now.
  6. The last song I listened to was… First Car by GOAT (Aka Connor and Jack Maynard)… I can Rap/Sing the whole thing and Mama Care-Bear finds it more entertaining than it is, but I will do it make her smile 🙂
  7. Turn ons, make me laugh, strong arms, and a real dad bod.. forget that six pack shredded buy, give me the beer in a cooler or a keg!
  8. Turn offs… cocky guys, spitting and people who take life too seriously.
  9. I am wearing Captain America Underoos right now, because they are comfy and I dont wanna wear granny panties all the time.
  10.  I have 4 tattoos, a Treble clef with a heart beat coming out of it, for my dad, my cats actual paw prints going up my leg from my foot (She was 22 when we put her down) with my grandpa’s hand writing saying “Joie, Vie, L’Amour”. I have Let it be… on my left shoulder for my mom, and I have a maple leaf with a treble clef in it with the letters M and an upside down L for my other grandpa and the writing around it “All My Faces Are Alibis” lyrics from my favorite band misspelled on purpose.
  11. The reason I started blogging, writing game me solace my whole life, my mom was big on letting us know write down what you are feeling and it will help you center the root of it all, and it did help, but as I was writing in my note book I thought that maybe other moms with NICU babies were feeling the same, so I started putting it on here and here we are 4 years later, ever changing, ever growing, but we are still a Preemie family.
  12.  How am I feeling right now? TIRED!! And thankful the spawn are down for a nap at the same time!! My house mya look like a bomb went off but you know what I dont care I am gonna write right now.
  13. Something I really, really, want right now is an all expense paid trip to Ireland for me and my family, and a nanny so Hubby and I can sneak away for a pint once and a while.
  14. My current relationship status… Married, 5 years this year!
  15. meaning behind my URL…. We are a preemie family! No matter how old he gets he will always be a preemie because that status will effect him as he goes and as a family we do it all together so we are a preemie family.
  16. My favorite movies are All MCU, and A League Of Our Own.
  17. Favorite songs at the moment : Kiwi by Harry Styles, We Should Be Friends by Josh Ramsay, Sicker Things by Marianas Trench, Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran, She’s Dope by Down with Webster, Barn Burner by Dan Davidson, and Boomerang by The Summer Set.
  18. My favorite Band is Marianas Trench hands down, and my favorite singer right now is Dan Davidson!
  19. Three things that upset me, people who cant butt out, people who jump to conclusions and when my upstairs neighbour puts on his cement shoes.
  20. 3 things that make me happy, watching my son get excited about space and l sharing what he knows, watching my daughter shake her booty when her favorite song comes on, and when my kids go to bed with no fight and sleep through the whole night…. Its been known to happen.
  21. What I find attractive in other people… isn’t that the same as turn ons?? meh.. sense of humor is very attractive but not a malicious one.
  22. Someone I miss, that has passed I miss my nanny and Pa (my dads parents) and a person a miss that just isn’t around my CamiBo! She and I have been friends for…12 years and havent seen eachother for just over 5 years, she is a world traveler and I live vicariously through her and her life of travel.
  23. I have a great relationship with my parents, and talk to the every day.
  24. Someone I love, my kids and my husband.
  25. My Favorite Holiday is, Thanksgiving, because I am a fat girl and its a holiday about eating, and being thankful too… Oh and family.
  26. I dont have a close blogger friend just yet, but I am open to one!
  27.  A confession…. I lost my virginity at 16.
  28. 3 things that annoy me easily, too much loud unnecessary noise, people who chew with their mouth open and when my kids have loud screaming matches over nothing.
  29. My favorite animal is a Pig!
  30. I have a fat lazy 22 lbs cat named Bijoux Beebee Beliber (no I did not name him)
  31. I have lied to my kids on more than one occasion about being out of their snacks because I just didn’t want to give them any more.
  32. Something that is worrying me… Its tornado season… and the storms are in full force
  33. when I was 13 I fell off of a jungle gym only a few feet off the ground and when I landed on my back i eked out a smelly LOUD fart right in the direction of a guy I liked…. Yup… needless to say that pipe dream was long gone
  34. I work at UFA! and I am excited to be part of their team!
  35. Money is always on my mine…. Always.. I hate being an adult
  36. 3 habits I have, I talk over people even when I dont mean to, I chew my nails and I have a habit of wanting just junk food
  37. my future goal is to buy a house
  38. I fantasies about a lot of money…. and certain celebrities I wish I could replace my husband with.
  39. My favorite stores are Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore…. OH and Costco!! ….. Yup I am a white middle aged mom
  40. my favorite foods are my grandmas nalishiniqui, EDO, and chicken bacon gnocchi with a mushroom cream sauce.
  41.   Yesterday, I had a bath
  42. I am talented at internet searches, as in finding a lot of what you need to find, and I do it for my friends and family a lot, as well as I retain a lot of useless music and film trivia that does no one any good really.
  43. My Idea of a perfect date is my husband comes home with a single gerber daisy, he cooks dinner, bathes the kids and puts them to bed. After that he loads the dish washer then comes and rubs my feet. That to me is a perfect date.
  44. My celebrity crush right now is a Tie between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans…. Told you MCU is my love.
  45.  Here is a stupid picture of myself when I was 20 years old….. Yup that is the Drummer from Marianas Trench…. If you want to know the story drop me a line! 
  46. My favorite Blog right now is Exploding Unicorns, and Juggling the Jenkins (Honestly I feel she is my spirit mom!)
  47. I always think I want more kids, and I get that happy butterfly feeling in my ovaries… Then the screaming, kicking. stomping and hitting gets underway and I think I am more than ok with one boy and one girl…. Knowing my luck if we did try again, it would be twins….
  48. I do not smoke, but I do drink wine from time to time, I am a self described Lish… Light Weight Lush
  49. The TV show I am hooked on right now is Call the Midwife, the first 7 seasons are on Netflix now
  50. I am reading the Outlander bood series, and prefer is to the show, but I still like the show.

Well there you are everyone, 50 Facts about me that you didn’t ask for but I felt compelled to share with you all. Well, I am hoping that you all enjoy the new and different content that will be coming your way, and feel free to share and let me know what you think.