I Finally Get It…

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Toddlers really are ass holes….

After all the drama, heartache and stress my son put us through you would think I would be a bit more understanding….

Understanding went away with his ability to listen. He is still a good boy don’t get me wrong, but he still can be a bit of an ass hole. And today he would win gold in the category.

I am now a mom of 2…. And sleep is a distant memory, so we can call it lack of sleep, which turns into lack of patience, which then in turn makes me think my kids are ass holes…. But for arguments sake lets for get that and just skip right to it.

He use to sleep! He use to get up, eat breakfast…. Let’s not even get into that mess….. Play for 2 hours then nap for 2 more hours get up, lunch…. Another battle for another day…. Play and then nap again get up help mommy cook eat supper play, bath, book, snuggle to sleep! And he even was like this after his sister was born… But now… Naps are the moms way of keeping him down, and all food tastes like ass. Even getting him to drink anything has turned into a battle.

There are days where I am just sick of fighting with him and want to just walk away and let him just play with the cabinets and pull everything out, or climb on the TV stand…. But because I am the adult and a responsible mom, I go over to him and say no, make him clean up his mess…. Which he use to love helping mom or Yaya clean, I guess that novelty wore off… Fight with him which turn into him taking a swing at me.

Yup he has decided that hitting mommy is ok, I have only ever spanked him once… And thats when I caught him mid air trying to jump on his sister doing tummy time.  So time outs are a new thing, he knows the threat of a spank is real even though I will only follow through if he tries to kill his sister again.

You know what else ass hole toddlers lack? A sence of personal space. As you can tell from the picture…. My son stole a pancake from the kitchen to eat it while in the bathroom with me… This is normal! Minus the pancake…

The picture was taken yesterday, and today while I peed he joined me and proceeded to point and ask what everything was in the bathroom. He then lifted my shirt pointed to my mommy rolls and asked what they were… I made the mistake of calling it mommys fat. He now calls me fat mommy no matter how much I try and discourage that. So more time outs, more losing treats but what is working like a dream right now is taking toys away.
As I write this my daughter is napping, I am back in bed typing and he is in an extended time out for not only climbing on the tv stand, but for also trying to push the tv off cause I wouldn’t turn Mickey on.

Ok ladies and gents off to have a stern talk with my defiant 2 year old,
Pray for me…

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Love, Hearts, and Pretty Things

Ashton ❤

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