I Thought We Beat The Odds


I Thought We Beat The Odds

When my water broke at 22 weeks my son was given 0% of survival, when he was born at 24 weeks and 2 days he was given a 55% chance of survial with 65% chance of long term health issued. We beat those odds.

When he was 4 days old they started scanning him for brain bleeds, they are extremely common in micro preemies, we beat those odds too and had not a single brain bleed. At 3.5 months old they told us he had ROP and needed laser eye surgery, he didn’t need glasses till 2 and it was just for near sightedness. 

We started crawling, talking and walking and to everyone around him is a normal happy healthy almost 3 year old boy. We had beaten all the odds stacked against micro preemie, I have had many doctors look at him and how my sweet little Spud acts and then look at his medical history and they have a hard time believing that is the same little boy they see in front of them. We had beaten all the odds!

Or ,so I thought….

On April 20th of this year, we met with the Preemie Follow Up Clinic, these awesome groups of doctors and specialists track the progress of many many different Preemies that have gone through Stollery Hospital doors.  Our appointment was from 9 am till noon, we were to meet with a psychologist, a speech and language specialist, an occupational therapist, as well as a doctor and nurse to address any long term concerns we may have, and to also chart his growth, as well as any nutritional and dietary needs he may need. 

Now, I wont go into to much detail, because it is private medical information. The long short if it is, we have delays, significant delays that now require him to attend a special pre-school, at 3 years old. We fell pray to being a mom and dad, seeing all the awesome things our kid was doing but not asking questions about it. 

So now, we as a family have to make a new plan, a plan to fix the delays, to give my son the best possible chance at a normal school experience when he is older. To show him how hard work and determination beat every obstacle in our paths.

We not have beat all the Preemies odds, but we can beat this. We can do this! 

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Love, Hearts, and Other Pretty Things.

-Ashton <3

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8 thoughts on “I Thought We Beat The Odds”

  1. Shannon M says:

    Oh Momma, despite the fact I don’t know you, my heart breaks this morning. Your little man has done amazing things since day one, my prayers that this is on more opportunity for him to surprise you and once again beat the odds.

  2. karen says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart with the world. Praying for peace, wisdom and courage for your family.

  3. Marcie says:

    That’s a rough hand to be dealt. We had a taste of the preemie experience and I’ve never been so stressed out in my life. Hang in there and I hope you are able to do some self-care.

  4. You and your son have beat some of the toughest odds so far. And while he may have a few more delays to overcome, I have no doubts you will all beat them together. He is very lucky to have such a wonderful, caring mom and dad. ❤

  5. Becky says:

    Your boy has done amazing things so far and can overcome many more odds. My sister was also a micropremie (I don’t remember how early she was born, but she was 2lb 14oz at birth in 1990) and she is now an adult. She has always been tough and a fighter and will continue to fight.

  6. Derika says:

    He is a strong little man! I will keep you all in my prayers. I’ve got faith you can beat these odds, too!

  7. I can’t even imagine what you’ve done through so far, but your little dude has already beaten so many odds – he will get past this. Hugs to you guys 💜

  8. You’ve got this! You beat the important odds that can’t be changed. I can tell by the tone and emotion in your writing in this post that you will stop at nothing. So I know already, that you’ve got this, and you’ll beat these odds too. So proud of you, your family, and your son! Congrats on all of your successes this far!

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