I know it has been a long while since I have been on here, writing and sharing and getting others to join the conversation. But I have a very good excuse: I am a working mom! I work a 50 to 60 hour work week, and then I come home and get the kids from the sitter, cook dinner clean and try and relax before bed when I have to do it all over again. I have missed any great opportunities to share content for holidays that have passed, both American and Canadian, I have passed world Preemie Day which is like a national holiday in my house with all the purple, talking about my son, to my son and the uncontrollable crying that happens, followed by 2 rather large glasses of wine.

But since it has been a long while since I have had time to do any writing I decided to catch you up on our lives, My son is thriving in school, still working on getting him on the Potty train at 4, but because of his learning issues this may be a struggle until he gets even CLOSER to kindergarten. But we are hoping that we can use jealousy as a motivator because out 2 year old is getting closer and closer to using the big girl potty every day, so much so she will strip naked in the middle of the night and stay dry all night until she wakes up and needs to pee right then and there in the middle of my kitchen.

As I said I am working, and my husband was working, hence why I now have some time to write, he is now home until January/February for school and winter breakup. So, he has been SUPER helpful during the day, more so when our oldest is gone to school, he has been working on organizing our life at home, on room at a time so we can start 2019 off with a bang in the clean variety!

Because I have left you alone and out of the loop that is my life (unless you have been following me on Twitter and Instagram I do post there quite a bit still, because it’s simple and easy from my phone, But I am going to share my latest loves for the month of November!


I have been reading the Aces Hockey Series by Kelly Jamieson, and honestly I am IN LOVE with it. It is typical mom porn mixed with Hockey and that is like crack to me. I am Canadian, and grew up on Hockey, you want to know how much so? I was born in Edmonton on the day that the Edmonton Dynasty era died! Remember those things you had to do in school, looking up what was popular on your birthday and what the local headline was the day you were born? Well the headline on my birthday was “The day it became ‘minus 99’ in the City of Champions”, the Edmonton Oilers had traded Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings… ANYWAYS, off topic, the way she has written this proves that she knows what she is talking about when it comes to how the NHL and Hockey teams themselves work. Although, the team themselves are made up to avoid any copy write claims but, I love it! You don’t even need to be a hockey fan to enjoy the series as well. There are 8 books out now and one more I believe it comes out in January 2019. You can read them as individual standalone’s or you can read them from book 1 to 9 as a series. I like the build in the character, and I have always had this imagination when it came to reading and love to build the world, take the description of the characters and scenes the author describes and create this world in my mind as I read. There are sex scenes, but they are tasteful and gear towards how a man should show his affection to a woman he is interested in. Each book is about a different player and they do intertwine with some foreshadowing in the previous as to what is going to happen in the next book, but no so much that you can skip if you don’t feel like you would like that topic. There are stories that include single mother’s, dating after the death of a spouse, overcoming your own personal demons and just plain old fluff and sweetness. My favorite Stories out of the whole series thus far are Jared Rupp (Top Shelf), Duncan Armstrong (Icing) and Nick Balachov (Big Stick), but that may change as I am re reading the series again, and I am still waiting for book 9 to come out.



OUTLANDER! If you have not seen this yet I HIGHLY recommend it! It seems like a cheesy premise, I mean this woman (Claire Randall played by Caitriona Balfe) and her husband (Jack Randall played by Tobias Menzies) who were separated for 5 years during WWII leave England for a second Honeymoon in Scotland, where the husband is working with a priest to get to the bottom of his family tree. The woman visits Craigh na Dun outside Inverness Scotland and is somehow sucked 200 years in the past where she meets Highlanders and thus the journey begins to get back home. She meets James Malcom Alexander Mackenzie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan), and honestly the first few episodes of the series, setting things up are slow and watching him with his shirt off on more than one occasion made the dull parts better. But the Chemistry between Jamie and Claire is amazing and will suck you into their world. Season 4 is on TV now (Starz or W depends on where you are I guess, we have W) and its on Sundays and makes my week better by getting my Jamie fix before bed, then I can have nice dreams and Start my Monday off with a smile. Now there are adult content, you see bums and boobs and one penis (season 2 and only for a small moment) so you can’t watch it around kids sadly. But the boobs are what make it tolerable for my husband when I subject him to it.  It is based on the Outlander Book series by Diana Gabaldon, so if you want to read them all before watching the show, all the power to you, I made it to book 3 and then decided to watch the TV show first then read the book the season is based on. I love the character dynamic that is in both the book and TV show, My favorite from season 1 is Dougal and I will let you all guess as to why.


I will try to never leave you that long again, and I will try and make a bigger effort on social media to get things out there.


Much Love

-Ashton <3