I now get it, well i have understood it for a while, but now I am going to talk about it. Why? Because it’s something as kids and teenagers we didn’t fully understand and possibly even made fun of our mothers for it. But now as a Mother of 2, and 2 traumatic births, I get it and I am going to put this out there for other moms, because it’s something almost all of us suffer from but no one really talks about….

Peeing your pants! After having kids I am sure more than one of you has peed their pants more than once, whether it was from a sneeze, a hiccough or even just a bumpy road. We have done it.

We hear about it when you are pregnant, everything can make you pee when you are pregnant. I remember one day I was talking to my husband in our kitchen, I was about 7 months pregnant with our daughter, and I sneezed so hard I full on peed my pants. Hubby looks at me and asks if my water just broke, nope, sorry dear, I pissed my pants, now please pass me the mop and vinegar. But no one really talks about how your bladder and body are messed up after having kids too!

I want to blame the catheter I got shoved up there during my daughters c-section but the science doesn’t really back that, well that and she was my second and I having these issues after my son as well and he was a natural birth, no drugs and no need for a catheter. I sue to make fun of my mom when she would still wear panty liners even when she wasn’t on her monster, or cross her legs really tight when she would sneeze. She never fully explained it to me either, just kept saying “You will understand when you have kids.” or “don’t laugh you will get it worse when you have your kids.” Well shit, here I am almost 3 years after I had my daughter and I still have to cross my legs tight when I sneeze, I am still up and down 4 to 6 times a night going pee. And forget holding it, that shit causes cramps and more recently I pulled a muscle by holding in my pee…. Yup 30 years old and I pulled a muscle By simply holding in my pee from my car to our bathroom, and as I sat down I pulled something, it almost feels like the round ligament pain I had with my son… and daughter.

I do know that since I gave up all caffeine (best and stupidest decision I made. I am sleeping better my stress levels feel lower than normal, my anti-anxiety meds are actually doing what they should be doing. AND I don’t get up nearly as much during the night to pee! Will it work for everyone…. No, because really the migraines I got while detoxing almost made me give up and chug a coke or a large energy drink…. But I stuck it out and it helped the getting up a million times a night, but did nothing for sneeze-peeing or the cramps I feel for holding it in… So I am thinking us moms should have some shares in the depends or poise stock after childbirth, heck why not both!

I just wanted to share a note that we should be able to open a dialog about this, as moms we know the pain, and we should all apologize to our moms, because they did curse us by saying if we laughed at her we would get it worse. So maybe apologizing to her might help, who knows it worth a try. I am sorry mom, I get it now, please lift this curse, as well as the one you put upon me by wishing I had a daughter just like me…. I love her, but she might not make it to spring.

Lots of love.
-Ashton <3