Have you ever been cruising through Facebook and see strange little Holidays People Celebrate? Like, ‘Happy Hug Your Cat Day!” Or “Happy No Politics day!” or the one my husband tries to get EVERY year it comes around “Steak and BJ day!”. Well I have been seeing these strange little things and I always wondered how many ‘Kid Friendly’ ones there were per month that you could try and celebrate with your kiddos, and I think we should go Month By Month because looking into this there are quite a few that we can do fun things with each month. Also since I am starting this awesome little series in Mid- January we will start on February!!


1ST- Now I am not sure we can really do this one for the smaller kids but kids a bit older would love “Bubble Gum Day”, and there are so many different things you can eat and make, like Bubble Gum Cupcakes, or Jones Bubblegum Soda, or just enjoy some good old fashion Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum!

2nd – This is something I think we all wanted to do as a kid and couldn’t wait to grow up so we could do it… “Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day”, I mean why not give into the fune one day a year? And honestly if the parents get to partake once and a while… why cant the kiddos?

3rd- We are always looking for ways to get the kids outside and get their fresh air and it is harder in colder places like where I am, but on ‘Feed the Birds Day’ why no make a bird feeder with the kids, or the good old fashioned peanut butter and birdseed on a pinecone, then pop that in the tree outside a window and see how many different birds you can see! Or go to a park with some bird seed and see if you can make a friend or 12 out of the local birds.

4th- Always show your kids that no many what it is important to appreciate those that do for u, even if we don’t see it or them, “Thank the Mailman Day’ would be a nice way to get the kids together to make a small card or craft, or even wait to give the mail man/woman a high five and say thank you for the mail today.

5th- Now this one doesn’t really SCREAM super fun for all kids, but you could celebrate Chinese New Year!, 2019 is the Year Of the Pig, so you have many different option on now to do this, you can make a paper mache piggy and paint it all up, you could make some fun chinese food dishes, or if you are like me order from your favorite chinese food place as a fun treat. Or you plan it like an all day new year for kids not to long after the other new year.

6th- “Lame Duck Day” Do all things Duck related! Rubber Duck party, a bath with all different kinds of rubber ducks! Draw Lots of pictures of Ducks, watch the Mighty Ducks, or Duck Tales, or a Donald Duck Movie! I know it says Lame Duck day, but we want to have fun with it, and make it positive not negative.

7th- ‘Send A Card To Your Friend Day”, I mean what a great way to spread some love and cheer, it is also “Wave all your fingers at your neighbors day”. It is a day to create and share the love with all those around you. Ya.. I know it sounded like a Hallmark card to me too….

8th- Let’s go fly a kite! Up to the highest height!
I bet you sung that! It is “Fly a Kite Day’ and while I don’t know how this can be achieve in winter in most places I do know that we can make fun little kites that can be hung from the ceiling in your kids room! Make them feel like its the open sky.

9th- Time to bust out all your cooking skills and patience for your kiddos for ‘Nation Pizza Day!” You guys can make your own pizza for dinner, or simple pizza bagel for lunch. But something to let your kids get their hands dirty and help you cook!

10th- Umbrella Day, I am not sure how we can spin this one….

11th- ‘Make A Friend Day’, go to the park, or a coffee shop, or a play activity place and just let the kids run and have fun, they always seem to make friends wherever they go.

12th – National Lost Penny Day or Plumb Pudding Day

13th- Here is something fun for you and the kids, “Get a Different Name Day” Let the kids pick for 24 hours what their name is for that time span! Get some ‘Hi,My Name is…’ stickers and have a blast with it, let the kids come up with some fun names for you as well, and just enjoy making up a story for the whole day! Live a Day of make believe!

14th- Valentines Day, Time to bust out the Red paper, red markers and glitter, gonna be a craft fest of Love and awesome going on here.

15th-Another Fun Candy day! “National Gumdrop Day” You could get together and make some Gumdrop Cookies, or Gumdrop Cake! Even just eat them all on their own, share the baked goodness with family and friends.

16th- A smile can go a long way, and that small gesture might be needed on “So A Grouch A Favor Day.” If someone you know is being a bit like a certain green monster, then just pass off a smile or a hug to make their day a little bit better.

17th- Now this one I love the idea for and I know many people can have a great time with this one, especially with kids! “Random Acts of Kindness Day”. You and the little can make nice homemade cards with positive affirmations on them, and leave them in mailboxes, on the big mail box, or on windshields of places like the DMV parking lot because we know they are going to need a smile after bing in there for 5 hours.

18th- National Drink Wine Day… Wine for mommy, Grape juice for kiddos lol

19th- Nation Chocolate Mint Day, Best Ice Cream aside from Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough.

20th- Love your Pet Day, maybe make this your pets birthday and have a great day making it all about your pets and spoiling them with extra love and treats or a fun DIY photo shoot.

22nd- International World Thinking Day, these are getting stranger and harder to turn into kid friendly ideas as this list goes on…

24th- National Tortilla Chip Day! I am sure you can find a way to make your own and have a chip and salsa party!

26th- Tell a Fairy Tale day, have a fun day creating a special 110% original fairy tale starring your babies! Draw pictures and write it all out together and read it for a bedtime story.

27th- No Brainer Day- See in my house we would make this all about the zombies because my kids like things like that because their dad is big into that, but me… well mommy has an irrational fear of zombies so that would be a day of picking on mommy in all aspects.

28th- Public Sleeping Day and National Tooth Fairy Day, Now I would abuse the sleep thing and my my husband deal with kids… BUt that is in a dream world. My kids are to little for the tooth Fairy, heck all their baby teeth just finished coming in!

I hope this was fun and neat, and I will have March’s up next month!!
Thanks for reading!!
-Ashton <3