Yes, that is right I am writing this at the end of February for all my favorites of last month, and as you should come to expect from me, I do try very hard to be there for all of you, but I am a Mom, a working mom first and will put that above all else. Some days I wonder why because My son ran headfirst into my face the other day and now my 2 front teeth hurt and I have a fat lip.

But you will be pleased to know I did not realitale the way I wanted which was lock him in his room until he was 50, because we all know that would be more of a punishment on me and my husband, because really one day we would like a normal sex life again, not this sneaking around like we 15/16 again before mom and dad catch us, but now its worse than mom and dad because when the new wardens catch you its a horrible explanation time as to why mommy and daddy were dancing with no clothes….. *Shutters*, but we have not been busted by the new wardens, yet.

But this is off topic… You all want to know what my favorite things are from last month, well here is the list!!

Rockstar Punched Energy Drinks

Now, yes in the work of health consciousness and, going on all these fad diets and the sugar content in those things are stupid high, I know this, I know it all. But you know what I don’t really care! I hate Coffee, tea doesn’t cut it when you are running on 3 hours of sleep have an hour commute each way a 8 to 10 hours day working. My daughter has decided that midnight or 2am are better bedtimes for her ‘busy schedule’, no matter what mommy and daddy have to do the next day. So, this is my life line, call me white trash, call me unhealthy, I don’t care at this point, this little can of pink heaven has saved my ass more than once at work!

Hot Cop By Laurelin Paige and Sierra Simone

This book right here seemed like just a fun little dirty read for me but it really made me smile and happy. IT was funny, sweet, sexy, dirty, but it also tugged at my heartstrings in certain parts. Some of the way our leading lady is feeling is how I felt when I was coming up to that big 3 0 mark, and it can be scary. How she handles it is funny, and the writing to me helps you connect with the characters themselves and kind of feel what they are feeling and feel for them.
When I read I also find myself getting sucked in and loving the dynamic with the characters, which is why I am normally a series reader, because you get more tidbits of those characters you left behind in the other books and see glimpses into their life progressing as time goes on. This is a stand alone but it still made me fall in love with it and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Only The Lonely Survive By: Marianas Trench

I am a Trencher, have been for may years, and with their upcoming album and tour I have never been more excited. I love that the boys have always dropped promo singles from their albums along with radio singles because it lets us see more of the levels to album that they are putting out. This song while catchy and upbeat in the music, the lyrics themselves tell a completely different story and its that complexity that I have come to love and expect from Josh in his writing and producing styles. I loved watching the updated on Instagram Facebook and Twitter about the album making process and I cannot wait to see what it looks like on March 1st as a whole album.

There we are my 3 favorites for January in February, I guess now I better look back at what I want to like in February to have it out sooner rather than later.

Thanks and we will talk to you all later!