My Family

This is the Husband

He will be known as Hubby, Hubs, or Dick Head through out the blog, because he would like to remain anonymous and mysterious as I write and sometimes complain about him… Well, the name I am ok with, but here is a great big picture of his goofy lovable face!

 He is an amazing dad and does so much for us in life and love, he is invested in his children and his hopes are that they are never to need for anything in life even if that means we go without. We met in 2011/2012, engaged in 2012, married at the end of 2013, had our son in 2014 just a few short months after we were married then 25 months later in 2016 we had our daughter. He is my best friend, my confident and all around great guy, I would clone him for people, but I dont share lol.

The Spawn!


This is Spud, Spudder, Darth Pooter, and Bubba! He is my ex-24 weeker and in total we spent 157 days in NICU and 33 days in the Children’s Hospital, we have some remaining minor health issues, as well as learning and cognitive delays, other than that, he is a smart little kid! He has retained so much knowledge from videos he has watched on Youtube, like Blippi, Mystery Doug, Storybots, Fun Toy Media, and anything along those lines. He can name parts of trucks and working vehicles, he can name parts of the solar system, I mean all planets, regular and dwarf, he can name the galaxy we live in and what part we live in, he also loves Black holes lately, which is funny cause I think he may have one stashed away in his closet, because what enters there, does not leave.

Princess Tally

This is my wild child, my crazy bean, my… well I try and sell her most days to family…. Don’t get me wrong I love her to the moon and back, but she is my child, full of drama and energy, she has also just entered the shrieking faze and I am ready for that to be over and done with. She is a daddy’s girl with attitude, my dad even comments on it, and thinks it is so funny, because when my grandma was younger, my Oma wished a daughter like her on her, and she got my mom, and my grandma wished the same thing for my mom and, my mom wished the same on me and we all got it…. And you better believe I am wishing the same family ‘curse’ on her lol.

The Fur Baby

Senior Fat Cat, also known at Bijoux Beebee Beliber, and no I did not name him, he was rescued with that name…. No wonder he hates children!

Yes, you read that right, he lives with two toddlers and hates them, he hides away all day until we give him the all clear that they are in bed for the night then he roams free, destroying helpless toys and furniture while we all sleep, before wrapping himself around my head while I sleep for the rest of his 20 hours of daily needed rest…. Oh how I hate that cat sometimes….
He was fixed at 2 months, so when we got him, he was already fixed and it was done to early, so… for how big he is, he never got the testosterone he needed to have a ‘Big Boy’ Meow… she he still sounds like a small little kitten, its funny, and when he does get yowly its quite irritating…


Well there you go, That is the family!

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