My Pre and Post New Years Goals

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Thia is me freshly showed at 12 am December 26th, and I am in a panic. 2017 is going to be my busiest year! I have a 2 year old turning 3 in June a 5 month old turning 1 in July, I have to find work by May, I also need to find child care by May. My husband is working out of town 14 to 21 days at a time all next year!

And Christmas just finished and now I have to many toys and boxes and clothes for these 2 kids! I am happy that they got spoiled but what about next year? And the year after when the toys get bigger and louder!

I am gonna purge toys tomorrow… I am gonna work hard and re organize my whole apartment before the New Year! I want to go into 2017 much better than I did than 2016!

My 2017 goals is to get my son into many learning activities in the library, swimming lessons, and have him make some friends. I am going to volunteer at my old NICU as a peer supporter next year as well.

I want to build my website in 2017 and help others and build a small community for resources and support.

I want to actually use my day planner properly and make it work for us! I want to have date nights with my husband and need my mom less to help with the kids, I want to try and be super mom this year….
Wish me luck!!!


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