I have been a stay at home mom of two for 3 years, and even before that I only worked for a few months when my son was little and then I was home again, here we are, my son is 4, my daughter is turning 2, and back to work I go. I am a week in and

have no real idea how I am going to handle any of this, so I felt that I should share how I am handling it in a segment I will call:

The Working Moms Guide: Hot Mess Edition!


This past week has been hard on everyone involved, but no one has been taking it worse than my son. He is 4 and always had a parent home with him at any given time, this week he has learned that mommy and daddy both leave at the same time, and he has to stay with aunty. It breaks my heart everytime, having to make myself walk away while he is calling for me from the bottom of the door. But you must walk away mama, you aren’t leaving your child (or children) in a place that you dont trust, you are leaving them with professionals that you have checked out, or family and friends that your kids have known their whole lives. They will be ok, just give them a hug and a kiss and carry on out the door. They will be excited to see you when you walk in the door, and push for you to leave faster than you can blink an eye. Be strong mama, I promise the meltdown will have died down 5 to 10 minutes after that door closed.


I have learned this on the hard way, and really you need to see this as a law more so than a rule.because I learned that after a long day and kids that just want to crawl up your butt you wont have very much patience for dinner, so the crock pot will be your very, most bestest friend, I am compiling a bunch of recipes that my kids love and are easy, you can start them the night before and just turn on the slow cooker before you walk out the door. I also make sure that my kids lunches, my husbands lunched and my lunches are planned and snacks for the day as well, because my best friend is watching my kids, I like to help her out by buying lunch things and snack ahead of time for the kids, and her daughter, as well as diapers and such. But making them ahead like 4 to 5 salads each, a mini travel bottle of dressing, water and pop, ready to go for us all. I have even made a large batch of teriyaki beef and broccoli and white rice for us to heat up for lunches, I have spent hours cutting up fruit and veggies for crock pot meals, snacks and lunches, but every Sunday it is worth it.

I make a list Friday night when the kids are in bed for the night of all the meals, lunches and snacks I want to make during the week, saturday morning I make a budget and plan of where I need to go and for what, then I execute my master shopping plan, then Sunday is cooking and prep day…. Its a busy weekend, but it is worth it in the end for some extra kid cuddles and family time after a long day at work.


I have had to plan clothing for all my kids, husband included, for the week, I plan 5 nights of jammies, 10 day time outfits and 20 pairs of socks each for the kids, I plan 5 days of work clothes for my husband and I, as well as 2 or 3 relaxing outfits, each, for when we get home. Then, Hubby will wash what needs to be washed on Saturday, while I am out braving Costco and Wal-Mart, we also split the kids up at this point to…. Which brings me to my very next tip.


My son loves to grocery shop and is a good little helper when he wants to be, and my daughter is going through a Daddy’s girl faze like nobody’s business these days. So, we find ways to include them, and get that one on one bonding time they crave, even when you have so much to do on your plate…. My son joins me when I do my shopping and will help me push the cart, get what I need to get, and has very few meltdowns when it is just the two of us. My daughter likes to help my husband with laundry by handing him ever piece one by one from the basket for him to¬† put in the washing machine, takes longer, but she loves helping. He has also taught her how to help load the dishwasher with forks and spoons, and where to put her little plastic dishes in there. The kids are old enough that we can manage to give them some chores and rewards for doing them. Our son also knows how to unload all the silverware and where it goes, he also like to hand you dishes to put away, and he feeds the cat every night before bed.


I am terrible at making time for me, to do anything really, blog, play on social media, see friends, or family or even sleep in! I am up at 4 am Monday to Friday, then the weekends I am still up at 6:30 to tend to children after a terrible nights sleep, because my husband is so use to camo life and not sharing a bed, he forgets I am there and many a night I am kicked to the ground and rolled on top of until I give up and go sleep in my big plush chair with the blankets I steal from him…. If I cant have the bed, you cant have the blankets. I have started putting 10 to 15 dollars away every week into a piggy bank account for me, and with that I can get myself a special coffee, or go get my feet done, so I have something I can look forward to once and a while. My husband gets his beer, and cigarettes (dont start I know), the kids get all the snacks, treats and tidbits they could ask for, but moms dont get much. So… I am making myself a fun money account, my husband knows about it and is ok with it, I put in there what he spends of beer and smokes, and I will buy myself some bath bombs, fruity special soap and shampoo, get my feet done and buy myself a chocolate bar not to share. I will treat me, because when I feel good, I am a better mom and wife to my family.


Well, that’s all I have to share right now, like I said, I am new at being a working mom, and this is what I have learned to do, to keep something that resembles sanity in my house hold. I hope they help you in a way.

-Ashton <3