This Is Me

Welcome to my vision on life and what it is to be a working mom, a wife and a woman in this day and age.

I have been blogging for four years now, and have revamped this blog every year since then, this is the newest revision, and I am hoping the last one. I am a mom of an ex 24 weeker son who just turned four years old, a two year old wild child daughter, a furry needy yet lazy fat cat, and a husband who works hard and comes home to be my 3rd child. I have started working full time and have tired and failed several times at being that perfect Pinterest Mama….. I have just started being who I want to be, and that is an imperfect mom of 2.

Facts about me:

  • I Swear… A lot more than I should with little dicktabirds in my house, but it happens
  • I am very close with my parents, they live close by and I rarely go one day without talking to my mom.
  • I am a terrible housewife,  I mean we dont live in squallar, the house is.. presentable the dishes are done and the meals are cooked, But I would rather sit on the floor and make a mess with the kids than set them up with a game/activity and go clean
  • We have been trying to potty train my son for over 2 years, with him being a preemie he has delays and issues in that department and we just have to keep revisiting that.
  • I love sleep… But because I am a mom I get very little of it…. Which is not fair in the slightest, but that is the way the cookie crumbles in life.
  • I love chick flicks and recently found new love for “Whats your number?”
  • I love to read and want to read the whole Outlander series and see if I can run a head of the TV series which I also love.
  • I love the Marvel franchise movies and have a strange love for all the men involved in it….
  • I love Genealogy and researching that, I get so excited when I play on Ancestry and find pictures of people that lived so long ago and it makes that real and history alive to me.
  • I love to eat and try new foods, I am not picky ny choice, just by allergies.
  • I want to see the world, I want to travel and share life with my kids.
  • I have learned to Crochet and my mom couldn’t be happier! It only took her 14 years to get me kinda interested, but now my wool grows legs and runs around the apartment.. but no on knows who is doing it…. Those damn ghosts I tell you.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I will share more when I think of more, so please enjoy and feel free to share, comment and join the family.


-Ashton <3

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