I am a bigger girl….

I have said this more than once in my life, but that is a nice way of saying that I am Fat, I am a fat girl, no a Fat woman! I am going to be 30 in a few days and I need to make a change. They say the first step to change is admitting you have a problem, well I am going to say no, that is not first step, the first step is when you hit your, what I like to call, your ‘Come to Jesus’ moment. No, I am not overly religious and do not mean that in an offensive manner, I am just saying that in order to make a change you have to hit that rock bottom moment. I have been saying I need to make a change for YEARS! I mean that, years! I come from a family of bigger people, and we all know we are bigger, we all know this, we all talked about it and about making a change, and what we needed to do, to make that change work and stick, but we never did it, that was my whole adolescence.

I had an eye opening experience this past week and it has given me new motivation to take hold of what I can in my life and make the changes I need to.

I am going on a diet, but not a restricting one, those are doomed to fail, I am going to change my routine to revolve around taking care of me and my family much better than I have before, it will be hard and take a lot of motivation and support from those around me, but I want and need to do this! I find myself reaching for a pop instead of a water, eating more than I need to at meal times and only eating 1 LARGE meal and lots of unneeded, and unhealthy snacks throughout the day, I drink energy drinks when really a large cup of tea could do the same trick. I have 2 small children one is a little girl who loves food, I need to make a proper example for her of what a healthy love of food is, and I want to make myself feel better about me, about who I see when I look in the mirror. I have always had a negative view on myself and my size.

I want to break this cycle, even if it seems hard I am going to break this cycle. With Healthier food, portion control and simple but effective exercises, I am going to meal plan lunches, dinners and snacks for everyone in my house. It’s hard because  my son is a picky eater, and we tend to cave to what he wants and that is McDonalds, Pizza and other things along those lines, well time to break free of that and I will be working my hardest.

August 1st, I turn 30 and that is also the day I am making all the changes that need to be made to get me on the right curve and become who I need to be, to make myself happy and who I want to be for my kids…. If any of that made any sense.  So, if you want to join me here is the game plan,I am going to post my meals and what not that I like and are diet friendly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as I go, but I will be posting recipes that were a hit here once a month, I am also going to post about my activity during the week, my water intake as well as screenshots of my LG Fitness app.

My goal, no more pop and sweets, I am also going to try and hit 10,000 steps a day, and drink 10 8oz glasses of water a day, 80 oz total. The only real diet I am working on is no more pop and no more potatoes, that last one is going to be hard, I am an Irish girl through and through and that is a staple in my household, but I am going to do this, not only for me but for my kids. I am also going to give up ice cream, well at least until November when Outlander starts again, going to need my ice cream fixes while I watch Jamie and Claire on my lady mom dates with the bestie! Also known as Lady Porn night by my husband, but we are getting off topic!

I am also imposing a $50.00 penalty for every cheat, I am talking take out nights, or I over indulge, and if I can go 2 full weeks we no backslides I get that $50.00 back. Those are the rules I have started with, I am not going by any one diet plan, because they are not ever 100% effective for everyone, and to many limits and restrictions just set you up to fail, this will be my tailor made diet plan, a “Big Mamas Get Small” Diet Plan… Ok I will work on the name, but it’s going to be my own and we will see what happens, I know it’s going to take time and I won’t see results right away, but I need to do this for me, and my kids.

I work full time, 13 hour days from the time I leave home until I walk back in, and I have to be a mom in there too, so really this is a working moms way, and I want to include my kids in this, I want to share this journey with them, so they can see their mama did this for them, with them. I am not going to be going to the gym, I am not going to do crazy hard workouts to drop this, but I am going to work hard to maintain the routines I need to, I am not going to break the bank buying crazy health foods. I am going to do this on a budget that I already have set to live by, this is going to be a real persons diet and exercise plan, and I would love to see you all share along with me if you want to.

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Thanks for joining me

-Ashton <3