I have never been one to really worry about skin care, even when I was a teenager dealing with zits and break outs. It was never high on my priority list, same with makeup. It probably because my mom never wore much makeup when I was growing up, or over showed me what her skin care routine was, there was also no perfume allowed in our house as my dad was allergic to it, so all those things that most teenager girls wanted to do, I couldn’t. Even when I did try and get into makeup and hair things, it never lasted long because in all honesty I was lazy, I washed my hair and my face when I had a shower, I didn’t like baths, even if I did our tub was too shallow and I am a bigger girl to boot.  But as I am not knocking on the door of 30, with no one allergic to smells in my house, my kids are old enough that I can leave the bathroom door open and do what I need to do, to take care of myself! I want to expose my daughter, at a younger age, to mommy taking care of herself so she will know how to take care of her when she is older. Not that my mom was wrong to do it the way she did it, because that’s the way it was back then, self-care wasn’t as relevant as it is now, and many will see it as a millennial type of thing, but really, Moms need breaks too! Even if my break is carving out 15 minutes that day to take a shower and smear cream on my face, well shit that’s my break that day and I am going to enjoy that WHOLE 15 Minutes!

Now that I am 30 (in 15 days!), a working mom of 2 under 5, and a wife, I am working hard all day and night, getting little to no sleep most nights, I am still making time to take care of me! I don’t shower in the morning, I am a night time shower person, always have been, don’t know why, well I do… I don’t own a hair dryer and showering at night eliminated the need to go out and get one. When I had longer hair I would put it in braids, a pony tail, a bun or leave it down just to see what happens. Now that I have cut all my hair off, I leave it down and just use a wet comb to tame the mess in the morning. Another thing I do is, I don’t shower every day… OOOOH I know terrible! Bit me, some days I am sleepy, and the most I go is every other day with no shower, but with short hair that gets oily fast, I use me some dry shampoo! Something every mom should have handy in her magical get ready spot, I love it and swear by it! Try and find the one that is best suited for you, you can contact certain manufactures and they may send you coupons to help you purchase their product for the first time, they want to have you as a consumer of their product and will try and make the experience with them awesome so you will want to keep buying from them.

But the point of this was a guide to my skin care routine, and I use a mishmash of high end products I have gotten from Ipsy bags (Which I recommend to moms who don’t know what they like for makeup or skin care, they send you a good mixed bag of things to build your collection), as well as some drug store brands that work for me, and I like using them. But be very careful with what you buy, I don’t have sensitive skin, but I used a leave on night oil once, and it sucked every last bit of moisture from my face, I looked terrible for about 2 weeks until it evened out.


So my mornings are a bit rushed, my husband is up at 4 am to get himself in order, I am up at 4:30 am to pick out kids clothes and set up what they will need at the sitters, then he is done and the bathroom is aired out from his morning constitutional, it’s my turn to get ready for the day. So I start my day by washing my face with the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser, because I have noticed that since having my kids, my acne acts up again closer to my monthly monster, but since washing my face with this every morning it seems to nip it in the bud! So, yay! Then I use my Garnier Skin Active Ultra-lift Miracle Wake-Up Cream, All Day Hydration, Anti- Fatigue Hydra-Gel Moisturiser, yes a mouth full but it’s nice and you only need half a pump and I can get really good coverage on my face and neck with it, it says anti fatigue on it, but I still look like a tired mess most days. Then I put on my Maybelline Age Rewind under eye dark circle cover-up, 2 turns is enough to smear around both eyes and blend in a little bit, then I toss on a little Full Coverage, Anti-Aging Water proof concealer from Bye-Bye Under eye, under my eye and that you need led than a pin head for one eye and you get amazing coverage! Then I put on my make up for the day over top of it all, which is really a bit of primer, foundation, eye liner, mascara, lip balm or stick depending on how fancy I want to get that day, and maybe eye shadow if I am feeling extra ambitious. I end my morning with Dove Sensitive Skin spray on deodorant, or Lady Speed Stick of some sort of smell, depends on which my kids haven’t hidden that day from me, and then I spritz all over my Hawaiian Ginger Fragrance Body Mist by Calgon, oh ya, and I brush my hair somewhere in there too, It may seem like a lot of steps but really this whole process takes me like 15 to 20 minutes every morning! So even if I sleep in there is no excuse to do even a faction of this before I walk out the door, and some days I don’t even do the full face of makeup just the under eye creams because I am a slacker.


My Evening routine is a bit lazy, I use the Garnier Micellar water to get off the makeup when I do wear some, then I scrub my face with BOTH St Ives Apricot scrub for sensitive skin and Night time face was by clean and clear before wiping down my face with Nivea facial toner, then I put on Ultra-lift Miracle Wake-Up Cream, All Day Hydration, Anti- Fatigue Hydra-Gel Moisturiser  again, I know it says wake up, but if you read the bottle it says for best results use twice daily, well this is how I do that, once in the morning and once at night, and it is making a slight difference I mean my face feels softer and better. Right before I go down for the night I put some Ultra-lift Miracle sleeping cream, anti-aging anti fatigue eye cream also by Garnier on under my eyes, just a small dab of it for each eye, it does make my eyes a bit more gunky in the morning than I would like, but the results are worth it, using this mixed with my daytime creams, I have noticed the bags that I thought were going to be there for the rest of my life, slowly start looking less puffy and prominent and I am starting to look like I am not tired all the time, even though that’s exactly how I feel!


For my hair I use Whole Blends Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter shampoo and leave in conditioner when I do my Every other day shower and once I get out I lather on my French Lavender and Honey Body Butter/Lotion from Bath and Body works, makes me so calm and happy falling asleep like that and my pillows and sheets still smell like it the next night I crawl into bed. On the days I can’t or don’t shower I bust out the Batiste tropical Dry Shampoo, it doesn’t white out my hair and does an amazing job even when I only use a little at a time, and some nights I still will put lotion on even if I haven’t had a shower, it just makes me feel great!

Now, I also have a set of masks that I use a few times during the week, I alternate which I use and when…. I use the Oil of Olay Pure-Clay mask, you set it up on a clean face and then you let it sit for about 20 minutes, and when you go to wash it off it turns into a gentle exfoliating scrub that helps keep a lot of things at bay! I also use the Sooae Clack Charcoal Peel off mask on the stubborn black heads on my nose and chin, so instead of ripping all the hair from my face, I pick a few spots put a semi generous layer on those spots let it dry and then rip it off and honestly this one doesn’t hurt, it stings but it’s not a screaming in pain kind of mask, like many other charcoal masks that I have seen and tried. I also have a stash of sheet masks that I have gotten as gifts, when I have gone to Rexall, Wal-Mart or Shoppers Drug mart and they have been on sale, but a bulk bunch of the ones I have some from my Ipsy bags that I have been getting monthly for about a year now.

But this is my routine, this is how I take care of myself and show my daughter that it is ok to want to look after yourself, I may be a working mom but I deserve to feel good because I work hard for my family and myself.

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-Ashton <3